Which Top Trend Do You Want in Your Kitchen?

Which Top Trend Do You Want in Your Kitchen?

Today’s kitchens are quite different from those of yesteryear, when kitchens were located in the rear of the house, a place where only meals were cooked, and dishes were washed. Now, kitchens are set alongside family rooms in open floor plans which bring everyone together. As the center and focal point of today’s homes, kitchens showcase personal style and welcome guests with equal verve. Clean and simple design choices with exceptional style and functionality are among today’s most popular trends. Here are some of the top trends in kitchen design right now.

The Smart Kitchen

The latest technology is fully engaged in today’s modern kitchen. Technology is integrated into everything from faucets to refrigerators to lighting. For those doing a complete kitchen remodel, the design will likely feature a smart build approach foundation. For those updating their kitchen, smart devices can be added in the form of motion sensor faucets or one-touch faucets. New refrigerators can help you keep track of items on which you are running low, while coffee makers can brew your coffee and have it ready when you rise. The latest smart lighting allows you to control lights in the kitchen and all over your house from your smartphone.

Streamlined Aesthetics

Homeowners are moving away from popular farmhouse and mid-century modern styles toward streamlined designs and materials which offer a stress-free, welcoming environment. Simplicity, clean lines, and functionality looks good in today’s kitchen. The trend includes replacing upper cabinets with open shelving, which delivers needed storage space as well as unique design element. Streamlining means anything but boring, as open shelving features rough cut wood and industrial metals, with sculpted, stacked, or beveled backsplashes. Natural stone flooring is also a popular choice for streamlined kitchens where textures create unique, yet simple focal points.

Trending Appliance Styles

Appliance styles are changing, as stainless steel loses its edge and is replace with white as well as a variety of new colors and finishes. Pops of unexpected colors as well as eclectic “mismatching” of vintage and retro style appliances. Commercial ranges also seem to be on the way out, being replaced by induction cooktops and wall ovens. Steam ovens, which retain nutrients, flavor, and deliciousness, are also gaining in popularity in today’s kitchens. As with a number of new trends streamlined aesthetics is at the forefront of kitchen design. Plus, today’s ovens are equipped with Bluetooth allowing you to control your oven from your smartphone.

Flooring Trends

While hardwood flooring is never likely to go out of style, ceramic flooring is gaining in popularity and quickly rising in the ranks of kitchen floor trends. Technology once again is playing a role, adding to the variety of styles, designs, and styles available. Today’s ceramic tiles give homeowners a material that is easier to maintain while mimicking the look and texture of hardwood flooring, natural stone, and other materials. Ceramic tiles also come in a variety of sizes longer, wider, and even plank styles.

Beautiful Backsplashes

Backsplashes are popular options in today’s kitchens, offering up a variety of everchanging trends and styles. Traditional subway tiles seem to be fading in popularity, though larger versions are still quite current. Right now, larger tiles slabs and textured tiles are trending. These options deliver limitless color choices and are a great way to add a unique pop of color or eclectic style to the kitchen. Neutral natural textures are also popular and offer a timeless look. Backsplashes are also getting larger, often featuring slabs of marble, quartz, wood, glass, copper and other materials. Modern trends take backsplashes to the ceiling, and work perfectly with the removal of upper cabinets and the addition of open shelving.

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