Top Trends in Kitchen Design for the New Decade

Top Trends in Kitchen Design for the New Decade

The new decade promises to bring many innovative solutions to the kitchen design as well as functionality. Today’s kitchens are part of the homes’ gathering spaces, most often connected to the living areas for easy flow and function. Family and friends come into the kitchen at all times of the day to talk, cook, and eat together making your kitchen among the most important spaces in your home. From classic to modern, the year 2020 promises technological advances and style options to create the best kitchens ever!

The new decade promises unique color combinations with contrasting finishes, including natural surfaces and distinctive textiles. Mixing and blending of stylistic options will create the functional fusion of 2020’s dream kitchens. Let’s explore the design trends for the kitchens of 2020 and beyond.

The Kitchen – Isolated No More

As mentioned, the kitchen is a gathering place for family time as well as entertaining friends. It is no longer the isolated room of the past used only for preparing and cooking the food, and cleaning the dishes after the meal. The kitchen is now central to the home, a part of the home’s heart, the living area. The trend of connected kitchens will continue into the new decade, with united kitchens and family rooms divided only by transparent barriers like islands and peninsulas which exist as a part of both spaces. The unique concept means those prepping and cooking the meals are not isolated from the friends and family gathered in the family room. Of course, the latest kitchen trends also means prep and cook are no longer manual operations, but utilize touch, click, and motion sensor devices that interact with the family throughout the processes of meal preparation and clean up.

The Latest in Storage – Opening It Up

Open storage, an idea which came into its own in recent years, is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Open shelving makes small spaces appear more spacious, with the promise of functionality and creativity. Open shelving allows design and style to become a part of the space, while providing easy access to items used everyday like  plates, cups, and glasses. Open storage also means you can show off your kitchen style by including your favorite art, herbs, antique cookware, vintage glassware, and more on display for all to see.

Embracing the Invisible Kitchen – Practical and Beautiful

If the idea of an invisible kitchen has you scratching your head, don’t! The invisible kitchen isn’t invisible at all, but incorporates the kitchen appliances – stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and more, even the sink, into the cabinetry and furnishings allowing you to “hide” the kitchen from view when the need arises. This sleek cabinetry style lends itself to a modern, clean look which also delivers additional storage space, often up to the ceiling. The concept is a unique one and not for everyone, though it can be ideal for those with limited space who also love to entertain family and friends.

Color, Color, Color

While the white kitchen will likely never go completely out of style. Color is certainly the trend of the new decade. Among the most requested color trending right now for cabinetry is navy blue blending with marble countertops and brass fixtures.  Slab backslashes are also popular, creating a focal point and demanding the attention in the kitchen. Natural materials, like wood for cabinetry, are still trending, which when combined with darker countertops deliver a winning combination. The matching countertop and backsplash are trending for the new decade as well offering up clean lines and contemporary style. It also creates a beautiful background should you also choose open shelving as a part of your design. Adding color in unexpected ways, like a bold and bright backsplash or colorful appliances, is also among the top trends for the new decade.

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