Trending Cabinet Colors Right Now!

Trending Cabinet Colors Right Now!

Quality kitchen cabinets come in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to add your unique personality and style to your home without going over your renovation budget. Whether your reno budget is large or small, you can find the kitchen cabinets right for you and your space. If you thought budgetary concerns would keep you from getting the kitchen of your dreams – think again! Often you can create a beautiful distinctive look simply by choosing the right kitchen cabinet color. Here are some of today’s trending cabinet colors to consider.

White Cabinets

White cabinets in a white kitchen never seems to go out of fashion, probably because of its bright, fresh, and clean appearance. But the truth is there are lots of other colors available to help you create your personal custom look. Even if you don’t feel you can go all in on color, you might want to consider adding color to your island or possibly combining white upper cabinets with colorful lower cabinets. Should you choose to stick with white or mostly white, you’ll still have to chose from all the variations of white available before you begin your cabinet painting project. And remember, creamy white lends itself to classic French Country style that pairs perfectly with blues and grays.  Either way – white on white or white with color – white is a timeless kitchen cabinet choice.

Trending Cabinet Colors

The Soothing Blues

One of the most popular hues right now is soothing blue. Blue offers up a variety of shades which coordinate beautifully with wood tones and white. Soft blue allows you to maintain the trending minimalist feel while still delivering light and freshness, making it a great choice for your kitchen. Should you choose to combine blue with white for your color scheme, you’ll find a smart, soothing kitchen is yours. Going with a tropical ocean blue offers the promise tranquility and peace, with a bit of beach vibe. Turquoise is another popular iteration of blue which delivers a refreshing, serene feel to your space. And finally, if you are feeling truly bold, choose indigo – a deep elegant blue hue which shows off appealing chic style.

The Calming Greens

Like blue, green is another beautiful natural hue. If you are considering going green, pastel green promises a rustic farmhouse feel that is still oh-so-modern. Lime green is another trending green hue which delivers both cool and warm tones to your kitchen vibe. For a fresh look consider, mint green delivers an uplifting yet relaxing feel for your kitchen. Again, as with indigo blue, for a bolder but calming look, deep emerald green may be just the tone to bring balance and exquisiteness to your space.

The Grays

Gray is trending now, and may actually be challenging the timeless popularity of white. Gray, like white, tends to minimalism, but allows for a little color pop. Gray tones are sophisticated and add style to any kitchen. Grays pair beautifully with pastels hues and can completement darker shades like navy blue. Gray blends well with all blues and looks lovely with white, where it conjures up feelings of positivity. And last but not least, charcoal, the deepest of gray tones, when paired with classic white delivers drama and style with a measure of warmth to your kitchen space.

Going Bold

Yellow is up next and is the ideal choice for those who want to go a bit bolder. Yellow offers a unique brightness, like the sun, and promises an ongoing happy feel for your space. Red is another bold choice for your kitchen space that is sure to showcase your unique personal style. Finally, while lilac isn’t necessarily a bold hue, it is certainly a distinct choice for your kitchen cabinets that will deliver a warm welcoming feel to your space. 

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