What is Trending in Cabinetry – Doors, Drawers, and More

What is Trending in Cabinetry – Doors, Drawers, and More

When selecting kitchen cabinetry, people often only think of color, finish, and style, but there is so much more to consider. Today’s trending options for doors, drawers, and more mean greater style but more importantly customized function. Regardless of what type of home cook you are, there are cabinetry choices designed to make your life in the kitchen easier and more intuitive. Have you seen the latest alternatives designed for easy of use and beauty. From hydraulic flips to pocket styles and corner doors, let’s explore the latest trends in kitchen cabinetry.

Hydraulic Flip-Up Doors

Also known as parallel lift-up doors, hydraulic flip-up doors, utilize hydraulics to raise these cabinet doors up and out of the way. They are growing in popularity for their unique ability to hide often messy kitchen areas, like the coffee station, microwave area, and more. The door moves out of the way so specialty appliances can be accessed and used easily and then simply hidden away when not in use.

Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors, already popular for full-sized doorways in your home are becoming one of the hottest trends in kitchens. Pocket doors also allow task and prep areas to be hidden behind what appears to be a normal cabinet door. The beauty is you can open the pocket door, prep your smoothie with the blender behind or grab a cup of coffee and then close the door, hiding those appliances away with ease.

Corner Drawers

The perfect solution to those cavernous corners where wasted space often abounds, corner drawers pull out from the corner, allowing all the space to be used. No more deep knee bends or crawling to get to the items stored in the back of your corner cabinets, one simple pull is all it takes. When choosing cabinets, ask if your chosen manufacturer offers this option, as not all do at the moment.

Track Doors

With today’s cabinets, you can do away with traditional swinging doors altogether. Track cabinet doors are trending, sliding side to side on a track, in front of one another for ease in accessing what is inside. The only drawback, you can’t open all the cabinet doors at once like you can with classic swinging doors. But, is that really a problem?

Sliding Doors

Sliding cabinet doors open sliding horizontally right or left, opening up storage or prep areas. Mounted with specialty hinges, these doors completely hide whatever is inside making your kitchen appear every organized and clean. During your selection process, keep in mind that while an incredible trend, choosing sliding doors will extend your budget a bit.

Tambour Doors

More commonly called garage doors, tambour doors make the perfect accoutrement for hiding those small appliances you use everyday (toaster, blender, coffeemaker, etc.). These doors open from top to bottom (just like your garage) but can be designed to open side to side, Operating on a track built into the cabinet, the wood rolls over the inside top of your cabinet with ease and back down when you are done with what is inside.

Glass-Front Drawers

Similar in style to glass-front cabinet doors, glass-front drawers can aid you in the areas of kitchen organization as well as aesthetics. Glass-front drawers can show off dry food items as part of your design, with dividers designed to keep your drawers looking full, even when it is time to head to the grocery store.

Custom Drawers

Custom drawers can be created from a number of items – baskets, crates, wooden boxes, and more. Old soda crates, antique fruit boxes, and other unique pieces can be turned into innovative drawers showing off the artistry of the crates, baskets, boxes. A distinct look that might just be right for your kitchen.

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