Trending Kitchen Accessories

Trending Kitchen Accessories

In the kitchen, trending accessories continue to innovate, bringing greater ease and functionality to daily life. Today, let’s see what trending accessories can do for you and your kitchen.


Ever walk into a kitchen drawer or hit your head on a kitchen cabinet, inadvertently left open by you or another family member. Ouch! A great innovation in cabinet hardware is here to save you from those unwanted bumps, bruises, and embarrassment. Hydraulic, easy close doors can actually close themselves or fold up and away with the simple tap of a control button.


Always an issue in every size kitchen is storage. Today’s modern improvements include multi-tiered drawers, lower level drawers, and pullouts. These advanced drawers allow owners to stack pans, baking dishes, pots, and lids for organization and easy retrieval. Pullouts makes storing bottles and other hard to retrieve items easy, just pull and nothing is out of reach. Built-in trays keep kitchen utensils orderly and accessible, no more shuffling through a mishmash to find what you need. Toe-kick drawers make wise use of formerly wasted space beneath your lower cabinets. 


“Necessity is the mother of invention” – the age-old proverb certainly applies to today’s trending kitchen accessories. Consider the sticky handles always on your kitchen faucet and marvel at the latest hands-free faucet which operatives with a simple wave of the hand. The perfect solution for little ones and busy cooks with sticky hands. Also in the sink are faucets with easy to pull down spray heads making rinsing and cleaning the entire sink a breeze.

To round out the automation of the kitchen, motion-sensor lights have made their way inside, turning on when the kitchen is in use. Cooking monitors can alert you via your smartphone when your food is ready. On top of that, internet-connected appliances let you know when the refrigerator water filter needs changing or the dishwasher has completed its cycle, while allowing you to remotely set the dishwasher to run or change the temperature of the refrigerator.


In addition to Wi-Fi enabled appliances, staying connected in the kitchen where you spend a great deal of time, is becoming more and more important. Given that trend, docking and charging stations in the kitchen are among the latest trending kitchen accessories delivering greater functionality with style. The addition of kitchen drawers with built-in USB ports and electrical outlets as well as hidden pop-up units are working to keep you connected in the kitchen. The next new wave to come, companies are working to create conductive countertops allowing you to simply place your device on the counter and charge away.


Induction cooktops, while not a new technology, are a trend on the rise. With nearly all positives, induction cooktops are always cool, promising to not overheat the kitchen or the cook and delivering an extra measure of safety to boot. They provide complete temperature control (think gas cooktops but better), speed (cold to boiling in 90 seconds), energy efficiency, and easy cleaning.


And no, pets are not a trending kitchen trend, but spaces for your beloved pets certainly are. Trending right now among kitchen designers are pet areas in new kitchen and kitchen redesigns. And who can resist this trend? After all pets are a part of the family. Recent pet space kitchen trends include toe-kick drawers into which food bowls disappear, special drawers for leashes, toys, food, and built-in bedding, feeding and water stations. 

Which of these trending kitchen accessories are your excited to try as you plan for your new kitchen design or remodel?

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