Understanding Granite Counter Grades

Understanding Granite Counter Grades

The cost of granite depends on its quality. Granite is classified into various categories based on different parameters such as color, thickness, type of granite, and the cost for each type. Various factors affect the grading of granite. Granite can also be enriched with unique patterns and colors. Homeowners can contact Tops Kitchen Cabinet to choose the best granite for their kitchen counters.

Grading System of Granite

The granite grading system reflects the quality of each granite slab. Every slab is grouped into different grades by retailers and suppliers. Choosing the right granite for kitchen remodeling is extremely critical for homeowners. Tops Kitchen Cabinet assists homeowners in selecting the best granite for redesigning their kitchen countertops. There are three grading categories for granite. These are Low-Grade, Mid-Grade, and High-Grade Granite.

Cost and Origin of Granite Slabs

The cost of granite slabs doesn’t determine the quality of the slab. The country where the granite slab originates from helps to determine the price of the slab. The price varies even if the quality of the slab is the same. For example, China is known to produce the cheapest quality granite which can be purchased at an affordable cost. On the other hand, similar quality granite originating from the U.S. commands a higher price. For example, there is a rare granite variety known as Blue Granite which is produced in Italy. Hence it is available at a lower cost in Italy but costs more if it is purchased by a United States supplier. Homeowners can contact Tops Kitchen Cabinet to select the right granite at an affordable cost.

Color of Granite

The most important aspect of using granite is it comes in different colors. These colors help enhance the appearance of kitchen counters. Some of the most attractive colors include blue, purple, and red. Granite is also available in the standard green color. Some colors are known to last longer than other colors. For example, red, brown, and black granite is more suitable for a kitchen counter. This is because these are more durable than other colors. Homeowners can contact Tops Kitchen Cabinet to understand which color granite will suit their kitchen and the décor.

The Thickness of Granite

The thickness of the granite determines the quality of the slabs because greater thickness proves more durable for homeowners in the long run. Granite is a natural stone cut into slabs of different shapes and sizes. By using quality granite, Tops Kitchen Cabinet designs long-lasting kitchen counter for homeowners.

Suggestions to Pick Appropriate Granite Colors

Homeowners can purchase granite products from anywhere around the world. They can choose from different styles, patterns, and colors to decorate their kitchens with the help of experts from Tops Kitchen Cabinet. Here are a few tips homeowners should keep in mind.

  • Homeowners should research well and look at a variety of samples to choose the right color granite for their kitchen. Samples can help homeowners understand what goes well with their cabinets and other appliances.
  • Consider the lighting in the space. Granite countertops focus on adding value to the kitchen; however, the lighting must complement the color of the granite slab. Lighting enhances the beauty of granite stone and brings the kitchen to life.


Tops Kitchen Cabinet offers great convenience when it comes to choosing granite slabs. Customers can contact Tops Kitchen Cabinet with their requirements and select their preferred granite slab. Seek professional advice from Tops Kitchen Cabinet kitchen experts when choosing a granite slab for your kitchen. There is no doubt that kitchen counters look beautiful with the addition of granite. Lighting also impacts the look to a great extent. Tops Kitchen Cabinet offers professional services and expert advice to meet customer requirements in this regard. Contact Tops Kitchen Cabinets to choose your granite today.

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