Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

You may be standing in your kitchen, even now, wondering how on earth you can update it with little or no budget. On the other hand, you might be standing there considering how you will be able to manage a complete kitchen up date on a $10,000 budget. Relax, the truth is, you can refresh and update your well-loved kitchen on any budget. That’s right, even if you only have $100 to spend, you can add a bit of function and style to your kitchen.

Prioritizing to Update Your Kitchen

Now, with your budget, small or large, getting your priorities in order is required. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot or a little for the update, you have to know what you want. Are you going to paint? Add new cabinet pulls and knobs? Replace your lighting for a more efficient and functional look? Install new countertops? Purchase new appliances? Make your choices, deciding what is priority one and if it can fit in your budget. Once you’ve made the decision, work to tailor your plan within your kitchen and your budget.

Updated Your Kitchen by Budget

If your budget is small, say around $100, you may be thinking there isn’t much you can do to refresh your kitchen. And you’d be incorrect in your assumption, with that much money in hand, you can easily paint your kitchen a fresh new color which will go a long way in delivering the updated look you want. In most cases, if you’re only painting the walls, you’ll only need a gallon or two of paint to get the job done.

If your budget is a little larger, say $250 to $350, you can not only get the walls painted with a pop of fresh color, you also have enough to replace a light fixture. Consider trendier lighting all around or add decorative pendant lighting as an accent. If your budget is even more, nearing the $500 to $750, you can do the painting, add the lighting, and make room for the replacement of a portion of your cabinets for the addition of popular on-trend open shelving or possibly adding a new faucet to freshen up your kitchen style. Who knows? If you shop carefully, you may be able to get it all done for a mere $750. Now, should you be able add only $250 more to your budget, you could get the whole sink set up – sink plus faucet, along with your freshly painted walls, new lights, and open shelves.

You may find your budget in the $1,500 to $2,000 range, and if so, you can get a lot done toward your kitchen update. With this much in hand, not only can you paint your walls a fresh new color, add new lighting, trendy open shelves, and a brand new sink with stylish faucet, but you can also refresh your cabinetry. Often older cabinetry can be given new life with a fresh coat of paint and new pulls and knobs.

Of course, if your budget is in the $5,000 to $10,000 range, you can do a major kitchen update, though it won’t be full remodel, you’ll make it look like you had one done. In addition to all that’s been mentioned, you can also consider new appliances and countertops with a budget of this size. Of course, you won’t likely be able to do both if you choose marble countertops or the most expensive appliances, but if you shop smart the way you’ve done so far, you can find a countertop you love as well as high quality, aesthetically pleasing appliances for your amazing, updated great-looking kitchen. 

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