Wallpaper in the Kitchen?

Wallpaper in the Kitchen?

Wallpaper in the Kitchen? Controversial, right? After all, the wallpaper has often been relegated to the dining room and possible the bathroom, but in the kitchen, you may have your doubts. The truth is you’ve all seen attractive, eclectic, and even wild wallpaper all over the house from the bedroom to the living room to the bathroom, though not so much in the kitchen. In the kitchen, the favorite option seems to be paint, tile, and other easily cleanable wall options. The fact that wallpaper is missing from the kitchen may also be related to fact that clean, solid patterns seem to speak openness, welcoming, and warm in the kitchen. The question is, can wallpaper do the same, welcoming guests into the kitchen, and delivering a fresh new look that is unexpected and fun?

Accenting the Kitchen with Wallpaper

Wallpaper fell out of favor in years past, but today is making a tremendous comeback – particularly with custom designs – though most have remained in the bedroom or bath or possibly on accent walls in the family gathering space. In the kitchen, it still seems to be taboo in most people’s minds, but that may be the very thing that makes it unique and original when you choose to take the plunge, adding wallpaper to the kitchen. Wallpaper can add just the pop of color and style you’ve been looking for when styled correctly in the kitchen.

The best option may be to start small, using your chosen wallpaper as an accent to your selected style. Wallpaper has the potential to deliver drama even in small doses like beneath cabinets almost like a backsplash (but not in an area that is prone to grease or food splatter) or in the back of built in shelving units or above open shelving. Wallpaper used this way can provide depth and dimension where there is none, even when you opt for neutral tones.

Another great way to use wallpaper is an accent wall. With an accent wall, you can still achieve the calm, clean lines you want while adding color, texture, personality, and style. Using an accent wall allows you to add your personal style to the kitchen with an element which can easily be changed when you want. A personalized touch from the wallpaper can complement in the traditional sense or contrast to add something completely unique and unexpected. If you still aren’t ready to try it right in the kitchen, maybe you could consider adding wallpaper to your kitchen entryway to welcome visitors and add interest.

Wallpaper in the Kitchen – Going All In!

When you are ready to go all in and wallpaper the entire kitchen, the choices are endless. You can add as much drama as you want or simply add style while keeping your look fresh. Wallpaper delivers impact, particularly in small places or if you are on a tight budget. You can even use wallpaper beneath cabinets as a backsplash if you add a layer of plexiglass to protect the wallpaper and make for easy clean up!

You can choose florals or outdoor patterns to juxtapose against a sleek modern kitchen look and add unexpected style. You can select a coordinating tile or marble backsplash with a stone wallpaper pattern. And if you are concerned about moisture in the kitchen effecting your wallpaper, consider adding a sealant for protection.

So, now you know, wallpaper in the kitchen is a great idea! Whether you go minimalist with only wallpaper accents or all in with a completely wallpapered kitchen, wallpaper is the perfect way to add unexpected style to your space!

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