Is a Waterfall Edge Countertop Right for You?

Is a Waterfall Edge Countertop Right for You?

Waterfall Edge Countertops continue to rise in popularity, offering a beautiful aesthetic that is luxurious and affordable. Due to the visual beauty and ease of installation, they are not among the most sought after countertop finishes today. Let’s take a closer look at waterfall edge countertops to help you decide if you want to add this stylish trend to your kitchen.

The Waterfall Edge Countertop

In this instance, the name, waterfall edge countertop, is also an accurate description. Rather than ending at the edge of the counter, the countertop flows over the edges, creating a vertical surface of stone that extends to the floor. The application creates a more natural look, like water flowing over the rocky falls down into the waiting water below. Waterfall edge countertops provide a beautiful transition from countertop to floor while providing function and utility for the kitchen as well.

The Pros and Cons of Waterfall Edge Countertops

As you plan for your new countertops or your full kitchen remodel, you are likely considering waterfall edge countertops, to add drama and function to your kitchen. Countertops in general and these countertops in particular will be the focal point of your kitchen so you want to make sure you choose the design that complements your décor. Here are the pros and cons of waterfall edge countertops:

The Pros of Waterfall Edge Countertops

  • Waterfall Edge Countertops offer a natural look which can complement a number of styles including modern, contemporary spaces.
  • Waterfall Edge Countertops deliver a beautiful seamless transition from countertop to floor, offering an infinite, cohesive appearance.
  • Waterfall Edge Countertops can be created from a variety of popular materials including marble, quartz, granite, and composites.
  • Waterfall Edge Countertops can help conceal storage space, appliances, and electrical outlets effectively.

The Cons of Waterfall Edge Countertops

  • Waterfall Edge Countertops are more costly due to the luxurious appeal, and require additional material and fabrication for completion.
  • Waterfall Edge Countertops often exude modern style which may not match the style or décor of the home.

Waterfall Edge Countertop Materials and Designs

Often, determining the style and materials which work best for your home’s décor is a challenge. In most cases, natural stone is the material of choice for waterfall edge countertops. Natural stone is sturdy, yet able to be smoothed to flow over the counter’s edge beautifully. Stone is also versatile and long-lasting, making it an optimal choice. Quartz is among the most sought after options as it is non-porous and does not crack. Granite is also a popular choice, with marble and Corian following closely behind.

Choosing the style and color comes once you have decided on your waterfall edge countertop material. Keep in mind your home’s décor and your design style when making the selection. Even though waterfall edge countertops are classified as modern or contemporary, there in no reason you can’t blend it with other trends you enjoy for a chic, eclectic style. Keep in mind the surface will be smooth and sleek, but a variety of finishes can be added to enhance the look in your space. Plus, waterfall edge countertops can be used any where in your home, but the kitchen is truly the best place to showcase the drama and beauty.

Waterfall edge countertops should be cut by a master craftsman who will see that the slab is kept intact, and then installed by trained professionals who have the expertise to handle the process perfectly and ensure your satisfaction with the result.

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