What to Avoid When Planning a Kitchen Remodel

What to Avoid When Planning a Kitchen Remodel

Are you planning to update your kitchen? Well, it can be demanding both emotionally and financially. There are lots of choices when it comes to what you need and the decisions can be overwhelming. To an extent you will find families arguing over which design or backlash to use. For sure, it’s not something you can manage overnight. 

Speaking of challenges, rushing into remodeling your kitchen can be a terrible idea. While the investment can be costly, you can double the budget through undoing the mistakes you’ve made. Therefore, do not just focus on the updates you want to implement during the kitchen update. Also, have a look at what to avoid when planning a kitchen remodel to prevent costly mistakes. Let’s start: 

Diving in Alone

Kitchen remodeling is a major project in the house and must be treated as so. It requires a significant investment. So, if you’ve no experience on such projects, consider investing in a professional. 

Or if you can’t afford one, consider consulting them before starting this project. They will help you choose a remodeling plan and picking the right design. They may also provide you with great ideas you didn’t consider. 

Improper Workflow 

Not considering your workflow in the kitchen is an easy way to create confusion all over the place. Therefore, note down the busiest sections in the kitchen when designing the remodeling plan. 

Such places include refrigerator area, stove, and sink, among others. They must be positioned according to relevance and how they relate. The designers would call this a “Work Triangle” in the kitchen. 

Sacrificing the Counter Space

Counter space has a vital role to play in the kitchen. As such, you should sacrifice even an inch of this space. Therefore, stick to the standard size counter space. If it’s possible, find creative ways to enhance this space area. 

Poor Budgeting 

It’s easier to set the budget for the project. However, the challenge is dividing the resources to respective sections of the kitchen you are remodeling. Thus, avoid a general budget that’s not split to cover various upgrades. You may end up spending more or run out of cash to complete your project. 

Improper Installation and Positioning of Cabinet Doors 

Unless you want to block the kitchen entrance, the cabinet door must be installed properly. With the help of a professional, it will be easier to design a closing/opening mechanism that won’t affect anyone’s movement. 

Bringing in Appliances Last 

Bringing in appliances last means you will end up with unorganized kitchen space. They may either invade your walking space or fail to fit in their intended space. To avoid this confusion when bringing in your appliances, take their measurement first and include it in the kitchen design. 

Underutilizing Storage 

Most people underutilize the storage space ending up creating dead storage spaces, which should not happen in the first place. As a result, you end up with a cluttered kitchen since most spaces in the kitchen are wasted. Sometimes, poorly planned storage space means walking all over the kitchen when sourcing items to use. Therefore you should not miss including storage features and add-ons that enhance the use of your kitchen space. 


When the going gets tough, consider professional consultation. With the likes of Top Kitchen Cabinet, you will be able to remodel your kitchen successfully. They’ll help you in making the right choice and decision, as well as how to avoid the above mistakes. And if you need more than just consultation, you can hire them to remodel your kitchen for you. They will adhere to your wishes, and deliver the kitchen masterpiece you’ve been dreaming about.  


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