What to Look for in 2019

What to Look for in 2019

In 2019, gray remains a popular color choice, with quartz and granite remaining the mainstay in countertops. And yes, subway tiles continue to be the ever-popular backsplash choice complemented by black stainless steel appliances. But 2019 has some new ideas in store for new kitchens and kitchen remodels, so let’s see what is on trend for the new year.

Smarter, Better Appliances

Column refrigeration is well known in commercial circles, as well as among the rich and famous. But 2019 is the year that more brands join the column refrigerator trend, which helps lower prices, and makes these stand alone adaptable marvels ready for the home chef’s kitchen. Taking the best attributes of the side by side refrigerator and making them better, column refrigerators and freezers come in all shapes and sizes, can stand alone, and thus allow for greater flexibility and function in your kitchen.

Induction cooking is also not new to the commercial chef’s kitchen, but for home kitchens it is set to make a big splash into 2019. Induction cooking heats pots and pans effectively with electromagnetism. The benefits of the method – the induction elements are hidden beneath a SmartStone countertop which can double as serving space when the cooking is complete and little hands (and big ones) won’t get burned if they touch the countertop while cooking is in progress.

Also popular among chef’s is the sous vide method of food preparation, though few home kitchens have the capability of vacuum sealing. Some popular brands are embracing the trend offering built-in sous vide in kitchen suites, wall ovens, and as vacuuming drawers.

Dishwasher manufacturers have finally addressed consumer complaints – lack of room, food particle distribution, no drying of the dishes – by improving space and organization (the third rack), ensuring food particles are washed away and not redistributed, and adding a hotter final rinse and fan for drying. Other manufacturers are offering wine glass racks, as well as better tines and adjustable spacing so all your dirty items can easily fit within and come out clean and shining.

And while here on the subject of appliance trends, the handless kitchen is coming. Following up on the trend of touchless faucets, the latest technology is bringing refrigerators that open with a simple pressurized touch and dishwashers that open with a knock.

The Kitchen Sink

Faucets of the past were chrome. Then just prior to the turn of the century came the brass revolution, which was quickly followed by the advent of satin nickel. Enter 2019, where you can choose faucets and fixtures from a multitude of colors and finishes. Love the look of matte black for your faucet? It can be yours. Relish rose gold? Add it to your modern kitchen design for a soft, elegant look. If you can dream it, you can find it in 2019, in every tone to complement the latest kitchen color schemes, textures, and more.

The kitchen sink also gets an upgrade for 2019 in the form of sink gadgets. That’s right, sink gadgetry has arrived and it is just what you have been waiting for! No longer is your sink only for washing, rinsing, and filling, but it now becomes the kitchen’s ultimate workspace with offerings like glass cutting boards that slide into place, built-in colander, multi-level grids, and scrap collector/compost bin combination.

The New Kitchen is Smart

As technology continues to change lives in 2019, the kitchen will be a part of that positive change. Appliances are now connected and can be managed from devices like smart phones, Alexa, tablets, and Google Home. Your refrigerator can now help with your grocery list, your oven can be turned on during your evening commute, and your coffee maker can have your favorite brew ready when you enter the kitchen.

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