Why Choose Solid Wood Cabinets?

Why Choose Solid Wood Cabinets?

When preparing to remodel your kitchen, choosing cabinetry can be challenging. Why? Not only do your cabinets set the tone and style for your kitchen redesign, but also are one of the larger expenses in your remodeling budget. On top of that you want cabinets which are beautiful, durable, and can stand the test of time while looking aesthetically timeless. Solid wood cabinets are the most common choice for kitchens because of there timeless appeal, coupled with durability and beauty. Plus, solid wood cabinets can fit virtually any kitchen style. Let’s explore the advantages of solid wood kitchen cabinets for your remodel.

Other Options

Before diving in to all there is to love about wood cabinetry, it is important to understand there are other options for kitchen cabinets. In most cases, laminate and thermofoil are the alternative cabinet materials. Both laminate and thermofoil come in a wide array of textures, colors, and looks, often made to simulate the appearance of wood. These synthetic materials, while they can imitate the look of wood cannot match the durability and longevity of wood.

Why Choose Wood?

Solid wood cabinetry offers a number of advantages over the synthetic counterparts. Wood promises a distinctive appearance that is hard to beat! Wood cabinets are timeless and attractive, complementing every style and adding value to your home. Wood is also extremely durable, though there are variations in durability depending on the type of wood you select. Even so, all wood offers an extensive level of strength and resilience, lasting for many years.

Solid wood cabinets also afford homeowners a great deal of variety and customization. Wood offers a flexibility in terms of color, design, texture, and shape unmatched by other cabinetry offerings. Plus, because wood is not labor intensive, installation is affordable even when customization is added. Wood also comes in a multitude of types which offer remodelers the opportunity to select cabinets based on durability levels, appearance, and cost. Plus wood can be painted to add an additional level of personalization.

Common Wood Selections for Kitchen Cabinets

Oak is a popular choice for wood cabinets which is available in light to medium tones. Oak offers natural knots, defined grain, and native streaks giving it unique style particularly when coupled with a polished finish. Maple is another well-liked option for kitchen cabinets. Maple’s appeal is born from its light tone and consistent color, making it the ideal choice if you want to paint your cabinetry. Hickory wood is an durable and strong option that promises a unique well-defined grain pattern. Cherry is another popular choice as one of the most durable woods available. Cherry wood may be smooth or complemented with rustic knotting. Pine is also a common option for kitchen cabinetry. Though not as durable as other hardwoods, pine is a beautiful wood with unique knots which add to the aesthetic in modern country or traditional kitchen styles.

When choosing your wood for your kitchen cabinets, keep in mind, you can enhance the color of your selection with stains, washes, and paints designed to complement your kitchen style. Another important factor in many kitchen remodels is the budget, so remember, the more rare or exotic the wood you chose, the more expensive your selection will be. Knowing your preferences as well as your budget constraints can help you make the right decision for your wood kitchen cabinets.

Solid Wood Cabinets – Always a Favorite

Wood continues to be the number one choice among homeowners for kitchen cabinets of premium quality and exceptional durability. When you are ready to make your wood cabinet selection, call on the team at Tops Kitchen Cabinet where you can find the wood cabinetry of your dreams at affordable prices. Call today!

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