The Top Kitchen Trends Right Now

Top Kitchen TrendsIf you are planning to remodel your kitchen you want to make the most out of the opportunity. Once upon a time, kitchens were basic spaces with a fridge, stove, microwave, and a few cabinets. Today, the kitchen is designed to be the heart of the home, and as a result the latest top kitchen trends look incredible and also make life easier. Before you start ripping up the old wood floors, and installing new kitchen cabinets, take the time to read over these top kitchen trends—they just might give you the inspiration you need to create the kitchen of your dreams!

All In One Dinning and Kitchen

A kitchen separated from the family room is likely to bring down your overall home value. Homeowners today are looking for a kitchen and dinning room all in one. As a result kitchens are less industrial, because they must blend in with the open floor plan. Cabinets are becoming more ornate, designed after fine furniture as opposed to functional cabinets. Despite becoming more beautiful kitchens are actually more efficient than ever.

If your living room and kitchen are not connected, you can knock down walls, or cut out a window wall in order to join the two spaces, open up the floor plan, and boost home value.

White Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinets look great in country, classic, contemporary, and rustic kitchens. There are few kitchen styles that white doesn’t work well with, plus white makes everything look bigger—and the bigger your kitchen looks, the better. White cabinets are beautiful, and have remained one of the most popular choices throughout 2014.

Stainless-Steel Appliances

Many high-end kitchens utilize stainless-steal appliances because they are gorgeous, and extremely functional. The sleek silver is actually very durable, and when properly treated can maintain a shine for many years. The rise in popularity has sparked new trends, like the use of fingerprint-resistant steel, which gives your kitchen a clean sheen no matter how many oily fingers open the fridge door.

Textured Details

The 2014 Kitchen and Bath Industry show was full of texture, from textured sinks to textured flooring. Investigate all of the ways you can incorporate texture into your new kitchen.

Specialty Work Zones

This is easily one of my absolute favorite trends cropping up in kitchens everywhere. Specialty work zones can center on the coffee machine, toaster oven, or any appliance you frequently use. At this unique station you will include everything you need, such as the coffee maker, cups, sugar, and cream. If it’s a toaster oven station include the toaster, breadbox, butter, and small toast plates. See how fun this is? Get creative and add whatever fun station serves your life.

Walk In Pantry

If you have a walk in pantry you know how incredibly useful it truly is. If you add a walk-in pantry to your kitchen make sure to design the shelving within reach, or at the very least invest in a sturdy step stool that can permanently reside here. A walk-in pantry offers the perfect space to store everything, from pots and pans, paper towels, recycling bins, foil wrap, and food. A full-size pantry adds a great deal of space so that it is easier to organize your stuff and keep a tidy kitchen.

Save Here, Spend There

Another new trend amongst remodelers is to split up the kitchen with high-end and middle to lower grade features. HGTV has coined this trend as the, “save-and-splurge strategy.” So how does it work? Remodelers are spending less on one element in order to afford upgrading a different element. For instance, one might install faux wood flooring in order to have fully customized, amazing cabinets. Instead of just doing everything middle-grade, this ideology can make certain features really pop, so that your overall kitchen looks more high end.

Add Some Tech To Your Kitchen

Technology is everywhere these days, and if you are not busy trying to escape it you might want to add it to your kitchen décor. There’s no denying that one day all kitchens will be fully equipped with smart computers that can do who knows what! Until then, it’s only going to become more common for people to incorporate some sort of technology into their overall kitchen design.

To keep your kitchen up to date, you will eventually need to add some kitchen technology. There are a number of ways to get techy, including smart appliances complete with a built in computer system, Internet, downloadable apps and a number of other useful tools. There are smart dishwashers, refrigerators, and more, all offered by some of the biggest appliance brands in the industry.

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